International Committee on issues of Global Changes of the Geological Environment, “GEOCHANGE”

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Recommendations & Comments

Tobias Hoefig
Leibniz Institute of Marine Scienes, IFM-GEOMAR, Research assistant (Germany, Kiel)

I would like to support the "Geochange" initiative in order to create an increased awareness of geosciences and their fundamental role in improving and preserving social life.

Prof. R Thomas Palo
Mid Sweden University, Scientist (Sweden, Sundvall)

In many places natural disaster are more serious than needed due to degradation of narural resources. I suggest that particular attention will be given to such relationships in geologically active areas.

Alfonso Conde
Servicio Geológico Mexicano, Coordinador Regional (Mexico, Pachuca, Hidalgo)

It imoprtante create a method to prevent areas based on studies of risk and danger, 'to be clearly understood by the authorities in charge of operations in case of disaster. I want the organization to grow and be strengthened with qualified staff to deal with these dilemmas natural.

Dr. Larry Beaty
Minnesota University, Expert (USA, Minneapolis)

Let us not be fooled into complacency by what is likely merely a temporary abatement of the problems of global warming.

Dr. Rumiana Glavcheva
Associate Professor in Seismology (Bulgaria, Sofia)

Additionally, accent is to be put on engineering examination and strengthening of residential buildings and schools which are amortized. Glavcheva

Dr. Ines Galović
Croatian Geological Survey (Croatia, Zagreb)

If you would need my humble knowledge in palaeoclimate changes in future, don't hesitate to ask. I wish you all the best with this really very good cause.

PhD. Shengzao Chen
International Seismological Center, Seismologist (UK, Thatcham)

International research programs should be developed for earthquake forecasting, monitoring of seismic/volcanic activities and natural disaster preventions. International and regional offices may be necessary for organizing such research activities. I wish to contribute my energy and enthusiasm in the development and collaboration of the worldwide multidisciplinary research programs.

PhD. M.Reza Mozdian
University of Kashan, Head of Chem Eng. (Iran, Kashan)

I think informing the public regarding the scientific facts are essential to create the right initiatives amongst them so that they gain courage and get ready for the sacrifices required.

M.Sc. Ph.D. Ashwini Kumar Srivastava
Birbal sahni Institute of Palaeobotany, Scientist-G (India, Lucknow)

I wish that there should be United Nations organization to check the Global Change

Ph.D. Om N. Bhargava
Consulting Geologist (India, Panchkula)

Must make all the efforts to restore the degraded geoenvironment. Wish all success to the present endeavour

Prof. Kamal Kishore Agarwal
Lucknow University, Professor of geology (India, Lucknow)

We shall go all out to promote the very idea of saving the planet earth from the onslaught of the environmental and other types of degradational activities.

PhD. Dinesh Pathak
Tribhuvan University, Trichandra Campus, Associate Professor of Geology (Nepal, Kathmandu)

Study on the changes in geoenvironment is necessary to foresee the possible impact on humanity and carry out necessary measures. United Nation should address this issue appropriately.

Prof. Dr. Mukherjee Saumitra
Jawaharlal Nehru University, Head of School of Environmental Sciences, Geology & Remote Sensing, (India, New Delhi)

It is essential to consider Sun-earth-Cosmic connection to infer GEOCHANGE.

Ph.D Mrinal Dutta
Assam Agricultural University, Lecturer (India, Jorhat)

I like the initiative. There should be some local study group atleast statewise involving people from different discipline.

Dr. Daya Shanker
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Department of Earthquake Engineering, Assistant Professor (India, Roorkee Uttarancha)

I heartly support this movement of Geochange (Natural Change of Geological environment). We should strongly encourage and disseminate this information among all countries and all scientists for the sake of making and to save the earth for the sustainable development.

Prof. Dr. Bijay Singh
Ranchi University, Department of geology, Professor (India, Ranchi)

An excellent effort to mobilize the policy makers with global concern and their opinion for a safe and sustainable earth. Pledge to support your mission with all academic and moral support. Keep it up.

Ph.D. Bhagwan S. Chaudhary
Department of Geophysics, Kurukshetra University (India, Kurukshetra)

Working in Geosciences fraternity for better and livable world.

M.Sc. Ph.D. Narendra Kumar Chauhan
Mohan Lal Sukhadia University, Professor of Geology (India, Rajasthan)

Recently joined. Wish you all the best. I support the COMMUNIQUE "GEOCHANGE" and I am happy to join the initiative group. Best wishes Professor NK Chauhan.

M.Sc. Ph.D. Kirtikumar Randive
RTM Nagpur University, Associate Professor (India, Nagpur)

A global network of Geological Organizations and individual Geoscientists should be formed. Through this network information can be communicated which can be used for dissemination of this knowledge for the benefit of peole at large. A better group to be educated in particular could be the school childrens, who could be taught about the Geohazards via interactive and innovate training programs. The Geological community can proliferate their taching ideas, aids and lectures through this group. I wish this initiative to be a very successful venture.

PhD. Khan M. G. Mostofa
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Associate Professor (China, Guiyang)

I support the initiative taken by this new group and thus we can make step by step some proper initiatives that can save the our natural environments such as water ecosystem, air pollution control and so on. I wish every success of Communique Geochange. Good luck..

Ph.D. Mohamed Rashad Abdel-Kireem
Geology Department, Faculty of Science, Alexandria University, Geologist (Egypt, Alexandria)

I do recommend geological field trips to the poles. I wish more informations, more contacts and success.

Ph.D. Christopher Nyamai
University of Nairobi, Geology Department, Head of Department (Kenya, Nairobi)

It’s a noble and timely proposition which should receive a total global support for the benefit of mankind. .

BSc. PhD. Stephen de Mora
Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Chief Executive (UK, Plymouth)

To see a concerted and coordinated international effort under the UN umbrella for investigating geohazards and undertaking appropriate contingency planning.

Dr. Kesavan P.C.
M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation, Distinguished fellow (India, Chennai)

I support the Communique "Geochange" and I join the Initiative Group.

Mr. Gospodinov Dragomir
Plovdiv University 'Paisiy Hilendarski', Associate Professor (Bulgaria, Plovdiv)

On my opinion the compiling of an international database on natural hazards is a must and I can join and work in this field

Prof. Dr. Gediminas Motuza
Vilnius University, Professor (Lithuania, Vilnius)

I wold like to emphasize the importance of paleogeographic researches, reconstruction of environmental changes in course of all and particularly Phanerozoic history, what is critical to understanding recent environmental situation, distinguish influence of human activity and natural processes.

Dr. Tamara Tsutsunava
Alexander Djanelidze Institute of Geology, Director (Georgia, Tbilisi)

Georgian scientists-geologists are always ready to join all positive tendencies conserning prevention of the Earth from negative impact of technogenic activity of humanity. We hope International scientific community will be able to oppose the global changes of geological environment.

PhD. Narendra Kodandapani
French Institute of Pondicherry, Researcher (India, Pondicherry)

I am especially interested in local as well global environmental issues. In particular I am interested in the geo-change program and research on natural disasters. I have conducted extensive research on forest fires in India and would be interested in the geographical aspects of forests fires. Apart from forest fires, I am especially interested in understanding feed backs between fire occurrence and changes in climate.

M.Sc Ulviyya Mammadova
The State Committee of Land and Cartography of Azerbaijan Republic, Department of Ecology and Recultivation of Soil, Head of the Department (Azerbaijan, Baku)

We face always the unbreakable rule, exact logics and internal harmony in each sphere of the nature. Geological changes all over the World influence to all natural stucture. I think all specialists no depending the field must follow geological changes therefore joining of several scientists and researchers to GEOCHANGE COMMUNIGUE is advisable.

Prof. Dr. Eloy Molina Ballesteros
Departamento de Geología, Universidad de Salamanca, Doctor en CC Geológicas (Spain, Salamanca)

In cease the forest cover all over the world. soils conservation: Human population increases too fast mainly in the underdeveloped societies

Ezequiel Mejia
GEOTECNIA, Ingeniero Geologo (Peru, Arequipa)

Begin to adapt with the help of science and faith to the changes that are inevitable to ensure our continuity.

Andres Ojeda
Institute Geofisic Politenic High School, Seismologist Auxiliary (Ecuador, Quito)

My recommendention is that The people has to cultivate trees and take care the earth

Mr. Alfredo Pontavida
National Directorate of Geology, Professional master in Mineral Exploration (Mozambique, Maputo)

I wish I could help on GIS and data processing. Under DNG we have a seismic unit but with huge problems regarding the seismology equipment. We intend to establish a seismic network within the country so that we can monitor the east African rift. Regards

Dr. Christoph J. Blasi
Federal Institute of Hydrology, Department of Hydrometry and Hydrological Survey, Expert (Germany, Koblenz)

Thank you very much for your kind information about "Communiqué GEOCHANGE", which I have read with great interest. You may know that my main activity lies in the field of coastal hydrology with an issue of sea-level observation and investigation. Therefore "Communiqué GEOCHANGE" is an important step for further investigation of sea level.

Kathren Merritt
Position and place of work: A View from the Bottom, A Foundation for the Elimination of Generational Abuse, and Poverty. Founder & Program Developer, Social Psychologist- Through independent study (USA, Seymour)

I agree whole heartedly with what you are undertaking. It is quickly becoming an urgent matter. I believe that most of the non-scientific populations of the world fail to see the significant of the geological changes taking place. For them, Mother Earth, brings destruction in order to restore balance, allowing ecosystems to take care of themselves. I doubt you would find more than a small handful of people aware that the concept of "Mother Earth", which comes straight out of our ancient Pagan past, is a continuation of humanities first religions- Earth worship. Though it is true that the Earth is nothing short of Wonderous, as is all living plants and creatures, it is not a living entity capable of directing its own future. Most people suffer from shortsightedness- it's not happening Today; or, it's not happening where they live- so therefore it doesn't exist. Money, media, cool tech toys, Celebs, building wealth and power, and maintaining appearences for the sake of their Social Standing is far more important- today, tomorrow,-- everyday! The underlying connection to the ancient past is inherent in the Mother Earth concept, wheather they realize it or not. As in all endeavour; First things First! Start by admitting "We all thought something as massive as the Earth would always be around.!" This type of statement helps to eliminate the divide between the Scientific Community and the rest of the world. The Next- idea to to get across is that without "Our direct management of the varied ecological systems of this planet it will continue to go through geological upheaval until it finally blows itself to bits! Just because it hasn't happened- doesn't mean it won't". Point out the "Natural" disasters of the past and how badly the area was damaged; the life forms that lost their lives; the Eco-systems that were changed forever; (especially places that remain lifeless today because of natural disaster.); and Always Maintain the 'WE'. And one last thing- Make sure the non-scientific community can understand you! I can't stress how important that is! If you use the same language you would when talking to a fellow scientist, the general public will not be able to understand at all. To them you will be just some science guy hollering that the sky is falling. However- if you make the effort to engage the public, then you will have the ability to affect change. There is nothing stronger than Public Opinion- It wins elections, brings down tyrants, and pushes opposing Goverments into talking to eachother! Human behavior is predictable. The advertising industry became a powerhouse because the Industry leaders understood what it took to influence large groups of people. How does this help you? Large groups of people, all saying the same thing, are impossible for Politicians to ignore. Before you know it- they are drafting a new law that puts all the right 'Science Guys' together to solve the problems of how, when, where- things needs to be changed. So long as you have the best interests of this planet in mind- I will always support your efforts. And one more thing- Don't give up! It is only then that one fails. Yours Truly Kathren

Mr. V Sivakumar

Dear Sir, With reference to your mail, we would like to involve in your activities. Kindly tell us(C-DAC) details of collaborations,etc. our organization is Geomatics Solutions Development Group (GSDG) of Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), the premier R&D organization of the Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India offers services in the field of geomatics, which includes remote sensing, photogrammetry and geographic information systems. GSDG is engaged in the implementation of projects in the application areas of disaster management, natural resources management, environment, infrastructure, land management & defence, spatial analysis, development of spatial decision support systems, modeling, software customisation, web GIS application development, etc. thanks and regards sivakumar

Prof. Satyendra Bhandari
Indian Centre for Climate and Societal Impacts Research (ICCSIR), Professor (India, Ahmedabad)

While I am in full support of any initiative of this kind, I do wish to stress upon the fact that we have been observing the Earth over a limited time (too small on geological time scale) - and it is only recently that our observational capability has increased significantly - to conclude that Earth's geological changes, particularly due to 'natural' causes are "accelerating" - is taking things too far. Another aspect is that the entire effort should be kept clean of gaining 'personal' gains and visibilities and hype etc.. It should keep its real focus on "SCIENCE" . This would then interest me much. Best Wishes Prof. Satyendra Bhandari, INDIA

Dr. PhD. Rrapo Ormeni
Polytechnic University of Tirana, Geoscience Institute, Searcher in departament of seismology and seismic engeneer (Albania, Tirana)

I think to work for evaluation of seismic hazard To adopt a UNO Framework Convention on «Global Changes in the Geological Environment» and to establish a UNO special Intergovernmental Commission on this problem. To develop and confirm a UNO International Program for the Study of hazard and Prediction of earthquakes To establish a UNO International Centre for the Prediction of earthquakes and notification of countries about arising risks.

Prof. Dr. Kujtim Onuzi
Geoscience Institut, Regional Geologer (Albania, Tirana)

I am Einverstandet with the points: In view of the foregoing described Earnest situations-Nen submit the initiative group on problems of global changes in the Geosphere "Geochang" The following proposals: adoption of a Framework Convention on projected global changes-tions of the Geosphere, the UN and establishing an appropriate perma-tent special commission in which all states are represented. Develop and validate an international scale UN program for the study and forecast of global changes in the geosphere of our planet. Develop and validate an international normative and a regulatory-lars for the effective management and coordination of the manipulations of the Governments of all countries and international humanitarian organization in the event the commitment of the prognosis of Naturkataklysmen and the result of changes occurring Notzustände geosphärischen regions. Establishing an International Centre for predicting geosphärischen Naturkataklysmen with an operational notification system to inform the countries concerned about the level of risk.

Prof. Paraskevas Savvaidis
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Departament of Civil Engineering, Director of the Laboratory of Geodesy and Geomatics (Greece, Thessaloniki)

"Geochange" should be kept strictly to scientific documentation and reliable research, away from easy conclusions and press-release type of communication. The problems are difficult and require all our good scientific effort. My scientific task is the organization and development of geo-information systems for the prevention, preparedness and management of natural (and not only) catastrophes and their impact to society, the natural and the built environment (e.g. projects OASYS, SEIS-IMPACT, and SYNARMA).





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